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American Pumper provides septic system pumping and grease trap maintenance and repair services in Medford, Oregon and the Rogue Valley.


We do residential and commercial septic tank and grease trap maintenance and repair.


Contact us with any questions or needs that you may have. We offer free estimates.



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Septic System Tank pumping and grease trap Cleaning and pumping in medford oregon and the rogue valley.

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Maintenance Of Your Home Septic System

Here in Southern Oregon many homes have septic tanks. Some people would be surprised at the number of septic systems here in Medford, Oregon and the Rogue Valley.

  • Correct Septic Tank Installation - It is very important to have your septic tank installed properly. A properly installed septic tank will be easier for septic tank maintenance over time.   Soil tests to make sure the ground is correct for a septic tank is important.

  • Well worth repeating - try not to overload your septic tank. Make sure you don't have leaks anywhere in the house. 

  • Be careful what goes into your toilet - Don't ever flush diapers, tampons or any thing that has volume in your toilet.

  • Keep trees and bushes away from your septic system. In southern Oregon things grow very fast due to very good soil and conditions so it is important to keep the djainfield clear of growing items.

  • Be careful of what types of cleaners you use with your septic tank.

  • Have a qualified company perform maintenance on your septic tank periodically.

6 Septic System and Tank Maintenance Tips

Septic tank maintenance is important for the health of your family and home. Un-detected leaks and blocks in your septic system can create contamination issues for your house and can lead to costly cleanup and repairs.  Periodic septic tank maintenance can prevent issues for you down the road.  Here are some tips for septic tank.  Here are some septic tank maintenance tips.

  • Protect your septic tank and drain field. It is important to protect your septic tank from potential damage.  It is a good idea to not plant grass, plants or trees near your system. 

  • Have your septic tank pumped and cleaned. It is important to have your septic tank pumped periodically.  With proper pumping and maintenance you can avoid sewage backups that can cost you in the long run. It is recommended that you have your septic system pumped and cleaned every three to five years. 

  • Don't overload your septic system. If you overload your septic system with water problems can occur. An overloaded system can move solid waste from the tank into the drain field. 

  • Try and reduce home water use. With every flush of the toilet, or shower use all water will flow into your septic tank system.  One way to prevent issues is to install low flow options in all sinks and the kitchen. 

  • Be careful of cleaning products. While many cleaning products are fine for septic systems, there are a few cleaning items that can cause issues. Drain cleaners for example can kill wanted organisms in your septic system are needed for daily operation. Toxic cleaning materials can also be dangerous for your septic tank.


  • Don't put off septic tank repairs. It is always better to get any septic tank issues taken care of right away so they won't get worse and more expensive later. 

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