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More than one third of homes in the United States have some type of a septic system. This system drains all pipes from the house into a special septic tank usually buried outside the home. Septic tank maintenance is critically important for the health of your septic system.


American Pumper is glad to announce the procurement of a new septic maintenance truck. This truck is specially designed for all types of septic tank and system maintenance and cleaning.


Our truck provides American Pumper with advanced tools for keeping all your septic tanks clean and well maintained all year long.

Septic System Tank Pumping Maintenance, Cleaning & Repair ,in the Rogue Valley and Medford Oregon with New State-of-the-Art Pumper Truck


Septic tank maintenance includes routine cleaning and repair of your septic system.


Included are periodic septic tank pumping and cleanings. Septic tank maintenance may also include parts replacement and required repair.

American Pumper offers full service septic tank maintenance and repair.


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Septic Tank Maintenance, Repair, and Cleaning in Southern Oregon
Learn how a septic tank works from American Pumper Septic Tank Maintenance, Repair, & Cleaning

In 1992, installation of the baffle made a great improvement at keeping the sludge away from the outlet therefore the stirring affect has been kept to a minimum. This does not mean sludge cannot find its way to the outlet. Only regular septic tank pumpouts help prevent sludge from getting into the drainfield.


As you know each time you turn on a faucet, flush a toilet, or do a load of laundry, the water and waste travels out of the house and into the septic tank. Some of the waste sinks to the bottom and some of it floats. As more water goes into the septic tank, an equal amount gets pushed out to the drainfield.

From the first septic tanks until 1992 there was no real baffle installed in the tank to hold back the sludge from getting close to the outlet end of the tank. On these old style tanks when the water enters the tank, it stirs up the sludge and can push it out into the drainfield blocking the flow of water entering the drainfield lines.

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