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Serving Southern Oregon Since 2006

American Pumper offers Septic Tank pumping and cleaning & Grease Trap cleaning, service & Maintenance, Cleaning & Repair in Medford Oregon


Pumping, Maintenance & Repair

In the Rogue Valley, Serving Southern Oregon

Grease trap maintenance is one of the most important issues for quality in the food service industry. The grease trap is located in drainpipes and typically collects grease and food waste. American Pumper specializes in professional grease trap cleaning and maintenance. You can have confidence that your grease trap will be properly taken care of by our highly trained staff.

More than one third of homes in the United States have some type of a septic system. This system drains all pipes from the house into a special septic tank usually buried outside the home. Septic tank maintenance is critically important for the health of your septic system.

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Serving Jackson County and the Rogue Valley Oregon

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